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Paid Surveys Ect™ is my top-choice Survey Program. They just offer more than the others. The database currently contains 310 survey and focus group companies. They offer extras and bonuses all the time that they don't even tell you about on their "sales" page. You will be easily making an extra $700 to $1000 a month with them, and thats really only to begin with. Work hard enough and you can earn up to $3,000!

Paid Surveys Online Review
paid surveys online

The Paid Surveys Online program is ok. Definately not one of the better options available however.

They offer a discounted registration price at time of writing this and a $20 survey right after sign up so you can pay off the membership fee right away - which you should be able to do with any reputable program.

Good advice in monthly newsletter.

Check my number one recommend program review: Paid Surveys Etc.

Program Ability:

The databse is somewhat outdated and there is just no way they can expect someone to be satisfied with their program when in comparison to what is on offer from more reputable programs. I don't mean to be harsh, but in terms of value there are just much better offers out there.

That said there is still a fair earning potential offered within the Paid Surveys Online membership. I feel that any survey veterens out there, will be dissapointed with this program.

There is a mixture of big name on unheard of companies to pick from and a bunch of other offers and bonuses.

Paid Surveys Online Home Page

Ease of Use:

Pretty simple and easy to use. Not the most attractive website I have been on. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to navigate this one.. hehe.

Customer Support:

Standard contact email address given. Very slow to reply, if they reply!

Paid Surveys Online Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

Not the best by any stretch.

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Summary from website:

- Online Companies Will Pay YOU $5 to $125 for Each Survey!
- Get Paid to Participate in Online Focus Groups $50 to $150 Per Hour!
- Get Paid to Try New Products - Keep The Products For FREE and Get Paid Too!
- Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers $4 to $25 Per Hour!
- Get Paid $5 to $95 Per Hour to Take Surveys Offline Also!
- Get Paid to Travel! Earn $100's Each Month Just for Traveling!
- Get Paid to Drive Your Car $1000 to $3000 per month! Plus They Pay For Your Gas!


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