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Paid Surveys Ect™ is my top-choice Survey Program. They just offer more than the others. The database currently contains 310 survey and focus group companies. They offer extras and bonuses all the time that they don't even tell you about on their "sales" page. You will be easily making an extra $700 to $1000 a month with them, and thats really only to begin with. Work hard enough and you can earn up to $3,000!

Paid Surveys Etc Review
Paid Surveys Etc

Paid Surveys Etc. has quickly become the #1 best selling paid survey program on the internet. Apart from being a long-standing company, Paid Surveys Etc. has climbed the charts for several reasons.

They boast a continually updated database with surveys from household brands, such as Nike, e-Bay and Wal-Mart. They also offer users other bonuses and the flexibility of making money from means other than taking surveys.

Be Sure to visit their site for customer testimonials and more information.

Update: Paid Surveys Etc have a half price discount running at the moment!
A one year member ship is now only $34.

Program Ability:

They are and have been my number one choice and recommendation for a long time now, and probably will stay on the top for sometime to come... unless something drastically changes anyway. There are many reason why I prefer this program and recommend it to my friends.

Paid Surveys Etc. boasts the ability for users to take surveys from household companies such as Nike, eBay, and Wal-Mart. The ability to participate in surveys from well-known, reputable corporations is a major selling point. It gives them credibility, we all know these companies and know that the spend hansomely on their market research.

Another great thing is they give their users bonuses that give them the flexibility to make money in other ways besides taking surveys. That way, if you get tired of taking surveys one week, you can learn about other ways to make fun, easy money.

Their database currently contains approx 310 survey and focus group companies. Which is LOADS and an excellent place to begin!

Paid Surveys Etc Home Page

Ease of Use:

Aesthetically, the site is great and is really easy to navigate. Thier database is fair and has plenty of sites to submit applications to.

As a program, it is well designed with a lot of good resources to assist anyone interested in making money with paid survey programs.  It also includes all of the bonuses to assist in Mystery Shopping, Getting Paid to Drive, Focus Groups, Reading Emails and More. 

Customer Support:

Great customer support. Only four stars, because I wish it was 24 hours. Maybe thats asking too much though, hehe. Guess not everyone stays up as late as me :P

Paid Surveys Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

#1 Top Choice - recommened for beginners as the best path to take, but essential for surveyers of any level. My personal favourite program.

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Summary from website:

- Taking a simple, easy online survey - $5 to $75 per survey
- Participating in an online focus group - $50 to $150 per hour
- Trying out new products, everything from shoes to stereos
- Keeping the products and getting paid
- Previewing Movie Trailers Online - Then answer a yes/no questionnaire for $12

The great thing is they offer a garuntee and a risk free trial of 60 days as a member. If at that time you choose to end your membership after the 60 days, you will not be charge another penny.


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