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Highest Paid Surveys Review
highest paid surveys

Highest Paid Surveys boasts offering the best paid work at home opportunities with a bunch of satisfied customer testimonials.

At the moment the site seems run down and poorly maintained.

Although still operating, they move at too much of a slow pace for me.

Update: They are offering $20 off of the membership price.
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Program Ability:

I'm afraid Highest Paid Surveys did not really deliever for me. From what I have experieced they did not live up to their claims. Although there were some decent paying surveys offered they are just too far and few inbetween. I can not recommend this program to anyone because of that. Also, the surveys that were offered I had already heard about from another program I'm on, so I would'nt exactly be missing anything if I was'nt a member.

Perhaps they are just going through I quiet patch or something, I dunno. Hopefull things will pick up in the future. If that is the case I will be sure to update my review.

Highest Paid Surveys Home Page

Ease of Use:

Its super simple. Although I think that is one of their downfalls. They site just appears so boring and low quality. Not very professional at all I'm afraid.

Customer Support:

Standard AOL contact email address! Not reliable in returning emails either.

Highest Paid Surveys Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

Not very professional.

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Summary from website:

$10 - $300 Per Online Survey
$50 - $300 Per Hour For Online Focus Groups
$4 - $25 Per Hour For Previewing Movie Trailers


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