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Everything You Need To Know To Get Paid For Taking Surveys

Having heard such a lot about the tremendous potential to earn some extra cash for taking surveys I did a search for companies that specialize in paid surveys and was absolutely amazed at the sheer number advertised. In an attempt to make money from online surveys I shortlisted what I figured were the best paid survey sites and tried checked them out. Just like with most things in this crazy life, there were some that were great, some that were not so great, and some that were just plain horrible.

The best of these Internet survey companies really do pay you for giving your opinions and don't load you down with phone calls, ads and emails trying to sell stuff. They also tell you up front what compensation you can expect to get paid for doing surveys and they will invite you whenever the opportunity arises. These companies offer you a great way to earn extra dollars by just sitting on your computer at home and getting paid to take surveys. Typically the best of the best are actually maintained by major marketing firms and they send you super easy ways to accept invitations via email. Their websites are also very comprehensive, informative, and easy to navigate.

The down side to some of these self-advertised "best" Internet survey companies is that they are very rare. They typically do not send out many invitations and sometimes they can take awhile to pay. They do offer ways to earn from filling out surveys, but unfortunately it is only a FEW dollars. Before you sign up with any survey company you should take the time to suss things out and ascertain whether there is any potential for you to make some serious cash for taking surveys. It is equally important to determine that the company you join is involved only in legitimate paid surveys.

Unfortunately many of the Internet survey sites aren't so good. Some of the more annoying ones actually do pay you cash for doing surveys but they also absolutely flood your email box with information you really don't want. You have to spend a considerable amount of time every day deleting all the spam so your email box doesn't get out of control. These websites do give you work and you will get paid to do online surveys but they are more interested in convincing you to visit websites they are affiliated with and less interested in the opinions you provide on the surveys. Even worse, if you do show some minor interest in one of their affiliate sites, you can expect the spamming to get even worse and phone calls and paper ads to start come flooding in.

While these companies are annoying, they can be a way to make a little extra dough. You will just have to consider that you will also need to spend time every day getting rid of all the junk they send. Be careful not to click on anything that isn't absolutely necessary for the survey or you'll end up spending more than you make.

The upside to these annoying sites is that they are really simple. Often these sites also offer incentives if you refer others to visit. If you are careful and consistent, you can use these sites effectively.

The worst of the worst Internet survey sites are total frauds. Not only will you not actually make any money, but also you may end up losing money if you aren't careful. You will definitely lose valuable time. One sign that a site is horrible is when they promise that you will make thousands of dollars if you use them or if they ask for huge sums of money upfront before they will send you work.

The upside to the worst sites is that they are usually very easy to figure out. If a site charges you a big chunk of change to use their services and promises you'll make thousands of dollars the first month, move along. It is looks to good to be true, as they say, it most definitely is.

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