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If you are a stay at home mom and looking for ways to earn money from home, you might have considered doing market research consumer opinion surveys. You may even have tried some of the paid survey sites, and have decided they are not worth it. I have discovered a site, however, that it different from the rest.

I started having a go at creating an online revenue via filling out surveys about a year ago, when I was in need of extra money. Websites said that I just had to fill out some simple online surveys and could be paid hundreds of dollars. In effect, this isn’t how it works and the truth is you cannot just make hundreds of dollars that easily. Most of the surveys take a long time to complete, or you have to buy something, or you don’t qualify for that survey for some reason, or you get vouchers instead of money. The sites that really pay are difficult to find.

There are lots of online survey sites and all of them are popular and their marketing promises you lots of money. It is understandable, therefore, that lots of people fall for their sales pitch. Many of us would love to be able to make a little extra money online but sadly many of these schemes are merely scams.

Recently I heard of a site which featured on the news, and through which large companies paid people for their consumer opinions, and for feedback on their services and products.

The idea of getting paid for online surveys is a good one, but the difficult part is finding a legitimate website. When I tried some out, I found that there is only one such site, which actually does pay you for completing online surveys. On my first day I completed three simple surveys and earned almost $100.

There may be other legitimate programs, but this is the one I recommend above all else, although I’ve tried the ones listed as the top seven sites. If you are interested in getting paid to take online surveys, you should really have a look at this one.

The website’s home page has a video which explains all you need to know and you should at least have a look at this. They guarantee to refund you your money if you don’t make $300 or more in your first week. This alone makes it worth checking out.

Owing to the news coverage this site has received, this site has become popular, so you should check it out very soon, or you could find they are not accepting new members. Member numbers are limited, so that they can ensure there are enough surveys to go around.

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